100 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life

100 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life.


Be healthy, happy and live to your fullest extent with these simple ways to improve your life.

We all want to be better. A better person with better skills, making better money, living a better life.

Well, you have complete control over your life. All you have to do is accept that control. Of course there will be things beyond your control, but overall your life is in your hands. Own it and live your best life. Implement these 100 simple ways to improve your life and you will begin to see positive change within yourself.



  1. Wake up early. Set your alarm at least 15 minutes earlier.

2. Drink water. Trade soda for more water.

3. Regular sleep schedule. Go to bed at the same time every night.

4. Sleep 7-8 hours. Be consistent.

5. Avoid alcohol. Spare your liver.

6. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Get all of most of your nutrients from fruits and veggies.

7. Get some fresh air. Take a break and go outside for a few minutes.

8. Open the curtains. Natural light will help wake you up and boost your mood.


9. Set goals. Have something to work towards.

10. Make to do lists. Get accomplished every day.

11. Compliment someone. Help make someone else smile.

12. Don’t skip meals. Stay satisfied.

13. Exercise. Make it a regular thing.

14. Limit sugar intake. You don’t want sugar crashes.

15. Spend time with your loved ones. Instant happiness.

16. Go for a walk. Go with a pet or a friend for an added mood boost.

17. Keep your place clean. It’s so much more calming to come home to a clean house.

18. Declutter. Don’t leave random crap lying around.



19. Delete your emails. Get rid of stuff you don’t need.

20. Keep a journal. Write about your day, feelings, dreams, etc.

21. Snuggle a pet. Let me love you!!

22. Put away your clothes. It’ll cut down the time it takes you to get ready.

23. Meal prep. Save time on weeknights.

24. Listen to calming music. Relax.

25. Do yoga. It’s beneficial to your body.

26. Organize your closet. No more digging for the other shoe.

27. Stretch before bed. Fall asleep faster.

28. Spend 15 minutes in silence. Be alone with your thoughts.

29. Read more books. Increase your knowledge.



30. Put your phone down. Set a “screen-free” time.

31. Call a friend. Catch up with someone you don’t see often.

32. Donate to charity. Do something good for the community.

33. Light a candle. Create a nice ambiance.

34. Practice mindfulness. Be more self aware.

35. Do something creative. Create something you’re proud of.

36. Try a new recipe. You might find your new favorite.

37. Make your bed. Start your day off right.

38. Aim for 30 minutes of productivity on days you feel blah. Just do a little something, you might get motivated to keep going.



39. Get rid of toxic people. No one needs negativity.

40. Be thankful for what you have. Appreciate the amazing people in your life and your favorite possessions.

41. Don’t dwell on the past. Forgive, forget, move on.

42. Stop worrying about what others think of you. What they think doesn’t matter.

43. Be polite. Say please and thank you.

44. Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself with respect.

45. Live in the present. Forget your worries.

46. Stop procrastinating. It’s the ultimate time waster.

47. Tell yourself something amazing about yourself. Say it every day.



48. Meditate or Pray. Make a set time alone every day.

49. Always have a water bottle with you. Stay hydrated.

50. Learn a new skill. A new language, calligraphy, anything you can think of.

51. Save money. Start a savings account and don’t touch it.

52. Take vitamins. Get any nutrients you might me missing from food.

53. Eat your meals slowly. Enjoy every bite.

54. Savor each moment. Appreciate where you are right now.

55. Eliminate perfectionism. Being perfect is impossible, accept that right now.

56. Learn to say no. Don’t overwhelm yourself with additional tasks.

57. Prioritize. Choose the most important task and do that first.



58. Surround yourself with positive people. Spread the positivity.

59. Ask for help. Never be too afraid to ask someone for help.

60. Plan ahead. It helps you stay organized and manage your time.

61. Stop drinking soda. Just stop, they’re not good for you.

62. Plan your meals and snacks. It will help you stay on track.

63. Focus on one task at a time. Multitasking doesn’t work as great as you think.

64. Add live plants to your home. They’ll purify the air.

65. Stop impulse buying. Always do research before a big purchase.

66. Make a budget. And stick with it.

67. Track what you eat. Be aware of what you’re putting in your body.



68. Set financial goals. Pay down debt, save up for a vacation, etc.

69. Be a good listener. Don’t just hear someone else, really listen to them.

70. Learn something new everyday. Take each day as a learning experience.

71. Take one step at a time. Don’t jump into something brand new.

72. Keep a morning routine. Set your day up for success.

73. Accept responsibility for your mistakes. Be a grown up, do better, and move on.

74. Recycle. Help reduce trash production.

75. Be optimistic. Look on the bright side.

76. Step out of your comfort zone. Take chances.



77. Be empathetic. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

78. Give praise to others. Appreciate others accomplishments.

79. Replace bad habits with good ones. Make swaps one at a time.

80. Stop complaining. End negative talk.

81. Take a break. Stop, breathe, and have a few moments to yourself.

82. Treat yourself. Buy something nice for yourself. Get your nails or hair done.

83. Communicate. Say what you mean and what you want.

84. Follow your heart. It’s never wrong.

85. Keep fresh flowers in your house. It will improve your mood.



86. Accept what you can’t change. Learn to let it go.

87. Be confident. Keep your head held high and know your worth.

88. Celebrate your goals when you achieve them. Even if they’re small.

89. Avoid overeating. It will make you feel sluggish.

90. Don’t make excuses for yourself. You’re in control, you got this.

91. Be honest. With yourself and with others.

92. Face your fears. Slowly but surely, step out and do something you’re afraid of.

93. Observe. Just sit and observe your surroundings.

94. Watch a motivational video on YouTube. Every single day.

95. Do a brain dump. Just get everything out on paper.

96. Learn from those who inspire you. Follow their blog, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

97. Create a vision board. Look at your goals and dreams daily.

98. Start a project on something you’re passionate about. Work on it in your free time.

99. Learn self discipline. You’ll grow leaps and bounds as an individual.

100. Make time for fun. Enjoy life.



Don’t wait until things get better to start living better. There are ways improve your life each and every day. Want more mood boosts? Here are additional ways to feel happier every day. What are you going to start doing right now?

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  1. February 17, 2018 / 3:04 pm

    I absolutely love this list! I think I am going to print it and put it up somewhere that I will see it every day!

    • Ariel
      February 17, 2018 / 6:08 pm

      I’m glad you liked it Roni! It’s always good to have a pick me up nearby. 🙂

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