11 Ways To End Cravings

When a craving strikes sometimes it is so powerful the only solution seems to be give in and satisfy the craving.

There have been hundreds of times when I was like “Dang I really want that candy. Well I might as well eat it because I’m going to be miserable until I do.”

Then I’d eat it and be like



Well guess what?

Giving in is not the only way.

There are many different ways you can get rid of cravings if you just give them a chance to work, and they do.

What have you got to lose?


Here are 11 ways to end cravings.


Drink a glass of water.

Water? How redundant can you be? I know, I know, but it works.

Sometimes hunger can be confused with thirst. So when you’re craving something, drink a glass of water and see if that does the trick.

Dehydration can also lead to random cravings so it’s important that you get enough to drink!


Drink coffee.

Have you ever noticed that after you finish a cup of coffee you’re not really hungry for anything?

Because coffee reduces your appetite. So have a few cups throughout the day, or better yet, when a craving hits.

Decaf coffee has the same effect, and you’ll cut down on caffeine.


Brush your teeth.

When you’ve finished a meal and you won’t eat again for awhile, just brush your teeth. I would probably do this one only at home. Unless you’re comfortable brushing your teeth in a restaurant bathroom.

Also is it weird to brush your teeth at work?

After brushing your teeth your mouth feels nice and clean. Why ruin that fresh feeling with some potato chips? Plus, mint and Doritos don’t really pair well.

And a bonus, you’ll have some nice looking, healthy teeth!


Don’t let yourself get too hungry.

Have you ever came home after a long day at work just starving out of your mind?

And you couldn’t wait for dinner to be ready and that bag of chips was calling your name? So you think “I’ll just have a small handful.” And that small handful turns into 3 or 4.

Yeah. Don’t do that.

Have a healthy snack ready when you need it so you don’t get too hungry, and end up gorging.


Make it hard to get certain foods.

This one is one of my favorites, and it works because I am lazy.

My weakness is candy. I could literally eat candy until I feel sick.

So I don’t keep it in the house. And when that candy craving hits, I’d have to get in the car and drive to the store to get it.

Nah, not doing that.

So I usually end up having an orange or apple and that takes care of the craving.

Keep a journal.

When you’re aware of how you feel when you’re craving something you’re better able to handle it.

So start writing down what you’re craving,when you’re craving it, how you’re feeling, and what is going on around you.

You will soon learn what triggers your cravings and how to get rid of them without giving in.


Make healthy alternatives.

Crave brownies often? Try making a healthy alternative using black beans or zucchini.

Addicted to cookie dough? Chick pea cookie dough is a thing, and it’s good.

Love chips? Slice up a potato using a mandolin, drizzle with olive oil and make homemade microwave chips. Top then with some pink salt.

You can still have your favorite snacks often when you make them a healthy way!


Give in.

Sometimes it’s okay to give in to your cravings. Obviously not every time, but if you’ve been wanting a milkshake for some time now, I see no issue in giving in.

Having your favorite treat every now and then will help you keep a healthy relationship with food because you won’t see any food as forbidden.


Have a small treat.

I used to call fun size candy bars “mad size” candy bars because they’re so small they made me mad because there wasn’t more.

But, they are perfect for satisfying a chocolate craving that just won’t quit. 

If you’re the type to have half a bag in one sitting I would advise you not to keep them in the house.

Try to find a single small version of a treat you can purchase so you won’t be tempted with 37 mini chocolates.


Play a game on your phone.

When all else fails, distract yourself.

Find an addicting game and play it when a craving hits. When you’re wrapped up in something else you’ll forget about your craving and it will disappear.


Eat more fruit.

Fruit is filled with fiber, which helps you feel fuller. A lot of times a craving hits when you’re super hungry. So eating a lot of fiber rich fruit will help keep that hunger away.

Also, a tangy orange helps satisfy my craving for some sour candy.

A bonus? More fruit = more vitamins and minerals.



I hope these tools help you to get your cravings to leave you the f alone. Which tip is tried and true for you?


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