15 Ways to Feel Happier Everyday

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Ever wanted to scream and drop some F-bombs over something so small and insignificant? Like when you’re putting your bra on and it decides to just fling up and hit you in the face?
Okay, saying a sentence enhancer feels good in the moment, I get it. But do you still feel kinda aggravated about getting bra-snapped that it follows you throughout your day?
Me too.

I have let small things bother me for a whole day when I didn’t have to.

Don’t let one negative thing set up your whole day.

Or if you’re going through a rough patch in your life, keep your head up! Do the best you can and use these tips to help you stay positive.

Sometimes life can get us down, and keep us there. Try to look for something positive in every day even if it’s hard to see. Sometimes you have to make the glass half full by yourself. But you can do it!

We are in control of our own emotions and it’s our choice if we want to let something small affect us all day.

Here are some tips that can help you focus on feeling happier and letting the small stuff go.

fifteen ways to feel happier each day

1. Keep a journal.

Write down something good about each day. Even if your day totally sucked, find at least one thing positive about it, even if it’s just that you caught every green light on the way home from work. Reflect on your journal each week.

2. Make to do lists.

Everyday, write down what you want to accomplish. When you check off a task you’ll feel happier. Think about at least one task that would make your day if you complete it. I use this planner to write out my daily tasks. I really love it, it makes me feel so organized.

3. Discover new music. Or old music!

Music is connected to our emotions. Find a song that makes you feel happy. Even better, download music that turns you into a beast in the gym. Want to reminisce? YouTube your favorite songs from your high school days.

4. Clean your house.

Maybe you like cleaning and maybe you don’t (I’m the second one) but we can all agree that a clean house is a happy house. Or, just organize something, like the Tupperware cabinet or your desk.

5. Pet a dog.

My dog definitely makes me feel happier. If you don’t have a dog, hit up a dog park. I’m sure people won’t think you’re crazy for playing with random dogs. Ha.

6. Do something nice for someone.

Hold the door open, pay for the persons coffee behind you, compliment someone. Any little thing that will brighten someone’s day will brighten yours too.

7. Laugh.

Open up YouTube and find some funny videos to watch. I’m guilty of enjoying videos of people falling down. As long as they’re OK of course.

8. Spend time with your loved ones.

Life is busy. If can be hard to find time to hang out with your friends and family. You gotta make time. Start a weekly game or movie night. Make it something to look forward to after a hectic week. Play games, watch movies, laugh together. We love UNO and The Game of Life!

9. FaceTime a friend.

It feels good to reconnect with someone you don’t see or talk to very often. Call a friend and catch up on each other’s lives. I know I always feel happier when I hear my best friends voice, who I don’t get the chance to see often.

10. Be creative.

Draw, paint, write. Rearrange your living room. Create a gallery wall. Do something that get you to be creative, even if you think you suck at it. Pinterest has tons of ideas to spark creativity in those who think they don’t have any.

11. Leave a nice note for someone.

Whether that be your mail lady, your kids teacher, or the cashier at Target. Simply thank their hard work give them appreciation. Sharing the love will inspire others to do the same and that is what this world needs. More happiness. Personalize it even more with stationary. I think handwritten notes are so sweet.

12. Go outside.

Get some fresh air. Take your phone and take some pictures of nature. Just enjoy being outdoors for a few moments. Stepping outside can make you feel better instantly. Just focus on your surroundings and really take a few moments to appreciate nature.

13. Judge less.

Stop making assumptions about people. If someone doesn’t say thank you when you hold the door, maybe they’re distracted by something going on in their life. You never know someone’s situation, so instead of jumping to conclusions about someone, how about leave it alone. You’ll feel happier when you’re minding your own business.

14. Go to the gym.

Go workout. You’ll feel good and accomplished afterwards. Plus, you’ll be one step closer to reaching your goal! Win.

15. Relax.

Curl up under a blanket after a long day. Light a relaxing candle. Read a book, watch a movie or YouTube videos. Do whatever helps you unwind after a hard days work. It’s something you’ll look forward to each day.


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The secrets to feeling happier each day is about making the best of what you already have and working towards goals you set for yourself. Focus on you and happiness will follow.


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