12 Amazing Benefits of Weightlifting

There are benefits of weightlifting besides getting muscular? I used to think lifting weights was for men, and women who wanted to look huge and muscular.

And I was dead wrong.

Weightlifting is for everyone. Everyone who wants to increase their overall health. Everyone who wants to look good. Everyone who wants to feel good.

There are so many benefits to weightlifting, and I love noticing these new advantages as I continue to lift heavy things on a regular basis!

From physical to mental, lifting weights can hugely impact your body, mind, and your life.

When accompanied with a proper diet, lifting weights can do so many amazing things to your body!

Your body gets stronger.

Who woulda thought right? This one is obvious, I know. Who doesn’t want to be stronger? When you’re moving a piece of heavy furniture and your man asks if you need help.. “Help? Pfft, I got this, dude.”

Not only do your muscles get stronger, but so do your bones. This will help prevent bone disease!


Your body shape is more defined.

Did you know that muscles give your body a nice, defined shape? There is a huge misconception that cardio is what gives you a rockin bod, when in reality, weightlifting will give you more curves and a more overall lean look. While cardio is highly important and will burn fat, you gain definition by strength training.

Ladies, you’re not going to bulk up! So don’t let that misconception hold you back. Men’s testosterone levels help them achieve the size they want, and obviously us girls lack that. So we’re good here.

Read more about why women should lift weights.


Your metabolism goes up.

When you have more muscle on your body, you use more energy, therefore burn more calories! Woo!

Your body will burn more calories even when you’re not working out, thanks to that added muscle. You’ll be burning more calories doing errthang, cooking, sleeping, binge watching Netflix, you get it.


Your appetite goes up.

Trust me, this is not a bad thing. You’re gaining muscle and you need a proper diet to fuel those gains!

You WILL lose muscle if you’re not eating enough.

When I was a lifting newbie, I thought I could lose fat faster if I ate less, while still lifting weights. NOPE. I lost some muscle and didn’t lose as much fat as I thought I would have.

You’ll find new love for peanut butter and protein pancakes.

Remember, food is fuel. Eat the right foods while on a great training program, and you’ll see results.


You want to buy (& wear) your gym clothes more than regular clothes.

Gym clothes have this effect on you that just make you feel strong and bad-assy, so you’ll probably want to wear them all the time. Plus, you’ll love the way you look in them!

I find myself wanting to go to the Nike store more than Forever21. (Okay to give Forever21 credit, they DO have some cute workout wear!)

And I love wearing gym clothes, like all the time. Probably because they’re some of the only clothes that fit nicely because I spend all of my clothing allowance on workout clothes instead of regular clothes. Ha!


You’ll reduce your risk of injury.

Lifting weights strengthens your joints, tendons, and ligaments. You remember how I said your bones get stronger when you lift? Well, when that happens your ligaments are able to handle all the pressure of the heavy weight a lot more.

Since you’ll be using tons of muscles you never knew you had, you’ll lower your risk of hurting yourself because you’re using parts of your body that non-lifters don’t even know exists.


You’ll be more disciplined.

When you’ve got a training goal, whether that be squatting your bodyweight, or mastering the pull up, you are focused on that goal. You’re going to train and train until you reach that goal.

This focus also translates to other areas of your life. You’ll be more disciplined and goal-oriented with just about everything you do!


You will learn a lot of new things about yourself.

When you push your body to limits you never thought you would ever reach, you learn so many things about yourself. You will uncover a newfound confidence, mental toughness, and that “take no ish” attitude that makes you feel oh so strong.


You’ll stop caring about how much you weigh.

Muscle is much more dense than fat, so you can weigh more, and yet have less body fat. Your body will look much leaner and slimmer, and you’ll actually be weigh more than you look. The scale is pretty much pointless when you’re putting on muscle.

So just get rid of your scale. It might even discourage you if you’re not used to this new lifting weights thing yet.


You no longer roll your eyes at all of the gym selfies.

Because you’ll be the one taking them! I remember the pre-gym days, when I was get so annoyed when people posted a workout selfie. Like really? No one cares.

Now, I totally get what they’re doing. If you feel confident and on fire, then post the dang selfie! Who cares what other people think!


You become a supplement addict.

BCAA’s, fish oil, protein powder, pre-workout, there’s so many supplements! You’ll learn about every single one of them, and find ones that are best for you. I’ve spent hours on bodybuilding.com, browsing supplements and learning what they’re for.

Plus, it’s always fun to try something new, and all of the yummy flavors.


You’ll become addicted.

As you gain strength and start to notice new muscles appearing, it flips a switch inside your brain. It’ll boost your confidence and you’ll want to go to the gym allll the time.

Each time I lift heavier than I did previously, I feel effing amazing. Hitting new PR’s is such a high, that nothing could ever be better!

Seriously. Get a gym membership and try it out for yourself!


Are there any better reasons to get your booty to the gym, and start lifting? These benefits are AMAZING, so get going!

What is the first thing you noticed when you started weightlifting? Or what are you most excited about?



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