Easy Mind Tricks to Help You Lose Weight

Ever wish you can just program your mind to lose weight and get healthy?

What if I told you that you CAN do that?

First, contact a hypnotist…



Training your brain to drop those pounds just requires a little effort on your part, no hypnotizing required.


Don’t call it a diet.

When most people are on a diet, they lose the weight and then resume normal eating. And guess what happens? Yep, they gain most of the weight back. Sometimes even more.

Don’t go into this thinking that once you reach your desired weight, you can have pizza again.

Diets are temporary, call it a lifestyle change.

Don’t get rid of pizza at all, because why would you want to lose your mind? Pizza is life.

Speaking of restricting foods..

How about don’t.

You know what happens when you tell yourself you can’t have something? You want it that much more. Hello crazy cravings.

Way back when, when I was kinda clueless about the whole losing weight thing, I cut out junk food. Which honestly, is definitely a good idea, but I didn’t go about it the right way.

I told myself I could not have any junk at all and I almost went insane.

I kid you not when I tell you this, I would daydream at work about all of the foods I’d eat if I could. If only I could just have one day when calories didn’t count. All I need is just one day. Donuts, candy, chips, ice cream, buffalo wings, errything.

And when I finally caved, which it was inevitable, I binged like crazy.

You know what happens when you don’t cut out food groups? You don’t crave them as much.

Let me clarify something..

I’m definitely not saying that you should eat unhealthy foods. You should be making that lifestyle change. What I’m saying is that you should change how you view certain foods. Don’t look at Doritos and say they’re “bad”. Food is food, some is less healthy than others. And you should fuel your body with healthy options.

Just think of it like this..

“I can definitely have a donut, I just choose not to right now.” And one day when you decide to treat yourself, have a donut. Don’t eliminate them completely.


Read about how to stay disciplined during weight loss!



Make it hard to snack.

Even though you’re telling yourself you can have some junk but are choosing not to, don’t make junk easily accessible.

Don’t buy it when you go to the store. When you’re hanging out at home and you get a craving for a Reese’s cup, you’d have to get in the car and drive to the store to get one.

A lot of times, I’ll just stop craving something because that just seems like a lot of work for a Reese’s cup and I’m just not down for that. If I’m that desperate I’ll just eat a spoonful of almond butter. Kinda almost not really the same thing. But it works.


Eat your veggies first

If you’re anything like me, the vegetables are usually my least favorite part of the meal. I eat them first to get it out of the way, then I can enjoy everything else.

But, the real reason you should eat your veggies first is so that you fill up your tummy with the most nutritious part of your meal, just in cased you don’t have room for your entire lunch. Yeah, who gets full on only vegetables? I’m just saying..



Leave your serving dishes in the kitchen.

Fix your plate in the kitchen, then sit at the table. You’re less likely to eat seconds if all the food isn’t right in front of you.

If you REALLY want some more, like you can’t think of anything else but more food, then have some. And sit at the table to eat it. No need to torture yourself. That’s not how I roll.


Brush your teeth after you eat.

Or, chew mint gum if you’re not at home.

You know what’s really gross? Eating something after you brush your teeth. The taste of food plus toothpaste.. Not something I enjoy.

I know when I brush my teeth in the evening I am done eating for the day. Y’all feel me? So brush your teeth earlier than you usually do so those Doritos don’t sound as tasty with a mint flavor thrown in there.


Don’t buy junk.

Make it super inconvenient to eat snacks. (Unless they’re healthy ones).

Don’t buy junk foods when you shop. Just don’t. You’re setting yourself up for failure.

If you don’t buy junk, you won’t have junk in the house, and if you want to eat said junk, you will have to make an effort to go get junk. Get in the car, drive to the store, blah blah. You get it.

I don’t know about you, but when I get home in the evening, my booty is staying home. Not going out, ain’t got time for dat.


Plan your junk food.

Okay, okay, did I just contradict myself?

Hear me out. Remember when I said don’t restrict foods? You want to stay sane during your fitness journey.

Plan your junk ahead of time. Make a family date and go out for ice cream. Pizza day at work? Have some.

This also gives you something to look forward to.

Some people call this a “cheat meal”. And yeah I guess that’s what it is. Call it whatever you want, but this is an important part of losing weight. You want to lose fat, not your mind.


Last but not least..


Stop striving to be skinny!

So many women have the ultimate goal to be skinny. “If I was skinny I would be happy”.”If I was skinny I could find someone”. Well, being “skinny” doesn’t equal being happy.

Don’t compare yourself to the thin models on Instagram or in magazines. You are you. Strive to be the best possible version of yourself, not someone else.

Don’t push your body to it’s limit because you want to be super thin. You’re aiming for being healthy, not skinny.

Losing weight is really a mind game. Your body can achieve anything, but you just gotta get your brain on it too.


These tips have definitely helped me, I hope they can help you.

Did I miss anything? What else have you tried that works for you?


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