How to Start a Health and Fitness Blog

Why should you start a health and fitness blog?


You’ll gain so much knowledge and expand your skills.

It will be easier to live a healthy life when you’re teaching others to do the same.

You’ll make some extra money on the side, or even turn it into your career!

Most importantly, you’ll help people!

You’ll help people reach their goals, get fit and healthy! And honestly, that is the most rewarding of all.


When I first started my blog, I had no clue where to start. I knew I definitely wanted a health and fitness blog, and it seemed as if there wasn’t much information on how to start one and get it going.

There was tons of information on how to start a general blog, but I wanted something more specific.

So here is a step by step guide on how to work towards launching your very own health blog!



Step 1:


Write down article ideas such as:

Weight loss tips, fitness tips, workouts, healthy recipe ideas, meal prepping, motivation tips, different types of diets, vitamins and supplements, share your fitness journey, etc.

The possibilities are endless!

Write down possible blog names and a few backups.

If you have no idea what you would want to use as a blog name then I suggest you write down every word you would associate with health and fitness. Add in some unrelated words like “simply” or “living”. Start putting words together and you’ll end up with things like “Simply Well”, “Living Fit”.

Keep playing around with words and have fun with it!


Step 2:

Choose a host and sign up.

I highly recommend SiteGround, because my site has never been down, the speed is super fast, and the customer service is perfect.

These are all just my experience, but I’m sure there are tons more perks with SiteGround.

Click here to get started with SiteGround. You’re one step close to being a blog owner!

It’s super simple to get started, just follow the onscreen instructions to sign up and install WordPress.

Web Hosting

Step 3:

Set up your blog!

Choose a theme (start off with a free theme!) and play around with the design.

Add your categories such as “Fitness, Weight Loss, Healthy Living, Wellness, Workouts, etc.”

You should also definitely have and “About Me” and “Contact” page.


Step 4:

Create content!

And make it good. High quality content is what people come back for.

Leave your readers wanting more of what you have to offer.

When you write about a topic. Write everything about that topic. Readers love in-depth guides, how-to’s and lists. Keep in mind that you want to solve a problem for someone. If your posts are just fluff posts with no purpose, they aren’t helping anyone, and it will be difficult to keep readers.

Think of a problem that people have, (people want to lose weight) and give them your best solutions on how to solve the problem. (try the keto diet).

There’s tons of ways to advise people on how to lose weight, so running out of ideas on the topic aren’t likely.

Especially if health and fitness is your passion, you should always have something to write about.

Keep a journal or use your phone to jot down post ideas as they come to you.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a great idea and didn’t write it down and then I forgot what it was! Not cool, y’all.


Step 5:

Launch and promote your blog!

Promote promote promote! No one will visit your blog if they don’t know it exists!

Pinterest is probably the best place to promote your blog. If you already have a Pinterest account with a good amount of followers, you could use that account by switching to a business account, and making it your blog account. If you prefer, you could make a handful of secret boards to keep your personal pins private.

If you’d rather create a new business account, or if you don’t use Pinterest yet, then go ahead and sign up for a new account.

Once you have everything set up, create relevant boards and begin to fill them up. You can fill them up with other people’s pins, and your own.

Pinterest really likes it when you promote other people’s pins, and in return Pinterest will show your pins more to other people.

Pinterest has been a total game changer for my blog, and I want to share with you what has helped me boost my Pinterest views, followers, repins, and blog pageviews.

For overall blogging help, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Billionaire Blog Club.

The creator, Paul, is so open and honest about blogging and what you need to do to be successful. I appreciate his blunt, no BS, way of delivering highly valuable information.

So if you want someone to tell you like it is, without all the sunshine and rainbow fluff, click here.

He offers a Pinterest Manual, courses on SEO, affiliate marketing, Pinterest, and more. There’s also a great community of people to rely on for support.

The Billionaire Blog Club is currently closed for new members, but will reopen it’s doors for newbies soon. It is totally worth the wait!

But you can grab the Pinterest Manual while you wait! It’s packed with information on how to make your Pinterest explode. And I’m not exaggerating either.

I reached over a million views on Pinterest thanks to this manual.


Click here to for the Billionaire Blog Club Pinterest Manual!


And finally….

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for success!

That’s right, be consistent! Consistency is key with every goal you wish to achieve.


I hope this guide helped you, and answered a lot of your “starting a blog” questions.

If you have any more, I’d be more than happy to help!

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