Why You Should Squat

Want to know why you should squat?


Squats are one of the best, most beneficial exercises you can do. Aside from building muscle, there are tons of reasons why you should be squatting regularly.


How to squat

Stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and toes pointed outward just a little.

Stand tall, you can either stretch your arms out in front of you, or put them behind your head. Whichever feels most comfortable.

Sit back, push your booty out, like you’re about to sit in a chair.

Keep your chest out and back straight.

Lower yourself to parallel, and then stand back up again.




  • Don’t let your knees go over your toes.
  • Don’t lean forward.
  • Don’t let your knees go inward.
  • Don’t only squat halfway.


Okay, now that you know how to squat, here is WHY you should be doing it!


Builds muscle & strength

Squats are a form of resistance training, which build muscle and increase strength.

When you squat (with the appropriate weight) you’re tearing the muscle fibers, and in order to compensate for the extra weight and work, your body rebuilds the muscle just a little bit bigger and stronger.

As long as you have the proper nutrition and you’re lifting heavy enough to get a good 8-12 reps in before failure, your muscles will grow and strengthen.

Squats target your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

You don’t have to start squatting with heavy weight right away, body weight squats are effective for beginners.

When your own weight feels too easy, add some weight! Try dumbbells or even a barbell. Increase the weight by just a few pounds each week.


Burns fat

I like to think of leg day as a form of muscle building cardio. It’s not technically cardio, but legs include some major muscle groups.

Squatting uses your full body to execute, which doing so repeatedly will definitely bump up your heart rate, and burn more calories.

Also, another thing on muscle building.

Mo’ muscle = Less fat.

When you have a higher muscle mass, your metabolism is higher. Because you gotta fuel those gains!

So you’re going to burn more fat even at rest, when you’ve got a good amount of muscle on your body.


Increase core strength and posture

When you squat, you gotta be stable.

You definitely don’t want to fall in front of everyone in the gym. I love my gym, I would hate to have to never show my face there again.

Your core will help you to maintain your balance and stability when you squat.

A little bonus, since you’re using your core muscles to hold you steady, you’re getting in a little ab workout too. Squats are definitely winning here.

Squatting (especially front squats) also can improve your posture by stretching your hip flexors and activating your core and lower back muscles.

Front squats are far more beneficial than the regular back squat because they allow you to squat deeper, and give your more mobility.


Improve flexibility

Flexibility and posture kinda go hand in hand when it comes to squatting.

Squats stretch your hip flexors, which are partly responsible for flexibility.

Try squatting deeper to lengthen the stretch.


Strengthen joints & bones

I’ve heard that people don’t squat because they think it’s bad for their knees. Wrong.

Squats can hurt your knees if you don’t use proper form. But when done correctly, they can actually strengthen your knees and other joints, such as the hips, ankles.

They’re also great for your bones. Strengthening the bones works like building muscle. Your bones have to compensate for the heavy weight, so they get stronger.


Improve daily tasks

Squatting regularly can help improve your day to day living.

When you’re more flexible and stronger, you’ll have no problem lifting things off the floor, doing heavy cleaning without getting tired, or reaching for the heavy box on the top shelf.

You’ll also save your back from injury by changing the way you perform daily living. Need to pick something up? Lift with your legs, not your back. That will be permanently drilled into your brain.


Your body loves squats. You just need to convince your mind to do the same! These reasons on why you should squat should do the trick with that.

Improve your body by adding squats into your workout routine (if you haven’t already!), and you’ll be working on shaping your lower half, building muscle, and having an overall healthier body in no time.

What’s your favorite way to squat?



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