The Best Workout Leggings Ever

The worst part about going to the gym? See through workout leggings. Ugh.

How embarrassing is it to squat your own body weight then notice in the mirror that your leggings are see through?

Okay, how many people have seen my butt now?

Far too many times I was self conscious about whether or not my gym mates could see my undies. And far too many times I tied a jacket around my waist just to be sure.

The gym can be awkward enough, and my choice of gym attire definitely doesn’t need to add to it.

I have tried so many workout leggings, and none of them fit quite right.

I’m the type of person who likes to try things on before purchasing them. I’m not a fan of buying clothes online because you never know how they’ll fit. And shipping something back to exchange or return is slightly annoying in my book.


Best Workout Leggings Ever

But I took a chance and did it anyway. I found some decently priced leggings with good reviews on Amazon. I figured, they’re only $20, why not?

These things are amazing.

They’re by Baleaf. Never heard of them before I bought these, but I sure won’t forget now.

  • They fit. 
  • They’re comfortable.
  • They don’t roll or slide down your hips.
  • They’re not see through!
  • They’re very reasonably priced.

Best workout leggings ever. I have 4 pairs. Black, gray, purple, and red. And I am looking forward to adding more colors to my collection.

No more worrying about my brightly colored underwear.

No more tying a jacket around my waist.

No more weirdos trying to catch a look. (Okay, less weirdos, there everywhere unfortunately.)

So, you want some too? Here ya go.

Say goodbye to showing strangers your underwear in public. (What you do in private is your own business!)


Get the best non see through workout leggings EVER.

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