Health & Fitness Quotes to Keep You Motivated

Whenever I have an off day, and I just don’t feel like eating healthy or working out, one thing that reverses the way I feel instantly is reading motivational quotes. They always remind me of why I want to be healthy, and why I chose this lifestyle.

Sometimes all you need is a gentle push, and these health and fitness quotes will do just that.

Here are my favorite quotes that will remind you why you want to be healthy too.


Health and Fitness Quotes to Keep You Motivated.



Be honest, have you ever really regretted working out? I’m guessing no.

Go workout.



Improve yourself day by day. Every little step counts towards a healthier and better you.



You started this healthy lifestyle for a reason, never ever give up on your dream of achieving it.



When you eat healthy foods, you provide yourself with the best self care you ever could do. Nourish your body.



Find your fitness. Do what you love and the results will be much easier to get.



Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be scary, but how can you make changes if you remain in the same place?



Make this a daily affirmation. You can do anything, and you will.



Dreams can become reality if you believe in yourself and work every day towards your goals.



Whether your goal is to lift more weights, or run more, or do anything really, consistency is what brings results.



That moment when you reach your goal and feel like superwoman. Fight for that feeling and make yourself proud.



When times get hard, and they likely will, always remember why you started. And never give up!



Your dreams and goals start with you. You can’t achieve anything unless you get up and work for it.



Wake up and get to work! Set goals every day.



Don’t get discouraged because it’s taking too long. Nothing great ever comes quick and easy. Trust your journey.



Don’t let a slipup make you want to quit. No one is perfect.

Never lose sight of your goal, and always remember your why.


Your excuses are only limiting your capabilities. You can do anything you set your mind to. You just have to believe.


Reading health and fitness quotes is an amazing way to help you stay motivated. If you’re still struggling with motivation, check out Why You Lose Motivation & How to Get it Back!

I hope these quotes help kick you into gear!



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