How to End Your Battle With the Scale

How To End Your Battle With the Scale


Years ago, I used to battle with the scale. We had a love/hate relationship.

I remember when I was trying to lose weight, one of the many times I tried and failed (aka gave up), the scale defeated me. I would step on it, and whatever that number was, it would set me up for either a good mood or a bad mood for the rest of the day.

Sunday was my weigh in day.

Every Sunday I would get on the scale. But sometimes, I just couldn’t wait until Sunday. I absolutely had to see what I weight on Saturday. And sometimes Friday. Well, sometimes I’d check Thursday too.

I became obsessed with checking daily, just to make sure I was actually losing weight. And I would get really disappointed if I didn’t like that number, or didn’t think I lost enough day to day.

Very often, my numbers would look like this:

Thursday: 150

Friday: 149.5

Saturday: 149.5

Sunday: 150

I thought I was doing everything right! How could I have possibly gained weight? I let the scale dictate how my weight loss journey was going to go. What I didn’t understand is that weighing yourself daily is a horrible idea. Especially if you expect that number to drop every day.

I’m not suggesting that you should ditch your scale completely, but I want you to understand that it’s not always about what you weigh!

Here is how to end your battle with the scale.


How to End Your Battle With The Scale

Why you shouldn’t weigh yourself daily.

Take notes from my experience above. Your weight can fluctuate up and down throughout the week. 

What can cause your weight to change like this?

  • You recently ate.
  • You’ve been drinking a lot of water.
  • Your meals have had more sodium than normal.
  • You recently ate a lot of carbs.
  • You need to poop.
  • You’re about to start your period.
  • You recently drank alcohol.
  • You’re sick.
  • You work out often and don’t replace the water you lost through sweat. (Excess sweat lost can make you hold onto water).
  • You’re lifting weights.
  • You’re weighing at different times during the day.
  • You’re taking certain medications that cause excess water weight.
  • You’re wearing heavy clothes, or are overdressed.

That’s 13 reasons your weight can fluctuate every single day!

The up and down number on the scale can be very discouraging because when it’s down, you’re excited. And when it’s up, you think you’ve done something wrong and gained weight. Or you know you’ve done everything right, so maybe your body just can’t lose weight?

Nope. Lose those thought processes and keep in mind all of the reasons your weight can be up and down.

Choose one day a week to weigh right when you wake up, after you go to the bathroom and before you eat or drink. Wear light clothing, like your pj’s! 


Switch your scale

Another way that helped me ditch that “the number on the scale defines me” mentality is to not even track my weight!

I started tracking body fat. After all, when people are trying to lose weight, they’re really trying to lose fat! So why not track that instead?

Your actual weight changes daily for various reasons and you should not even worry about that number. Start paying attention to your body fat percentage and track that. You can do that with a body fat scale!

I absolutely LOVE my scale, it’s a RENPHO.

It has helped me tremendously while trying to lose this baby weight! And I no longer battle with the scale!

Not only does the RENPHO scale track body fat percentage, it tracks water weight, muscle mass, visceral fat, fat free body weight, and tons more! It dives so much deeper than just a regular scale. You have insights to almost literally every part of you. You’ll start to understand that your weight isn’t as important as you once thought. 

It’s Bluetooth as well, so all you have to do is download the app in the scale instructions, and set everything up. Now, each time you step on, your scale will send your info straight to your phone!

You don’t have to go to a gym, you don’t have to see a dietitian, you can track your body fat at home. I love the convenience, and I can stay consistent with it, measuring at the same time weekly.

Plus, you don’t have to pay any monthly fees. All you pay for is the scale and that’s it!

The RENPHO scale is probably one of my absolute favorite purchases ever!


Why you should track body fat instead of weight

Okay, so let’s get deeper into why body fat percentage should take precedence over body weight.

From here on out, disregard your weight, and your BMI. This is especially true if you’re lifting weights because muscle adds weight to your body. And the last thing you want is to think you’ve put on fat when it’s really just muscle.

Plus, when you have a higher amount of muscle mass, you’ll tend to have a higher BMI too. Body mass index (BMI) is a tool that measures if your weight is “normal” in relation to your height.

I have burned body fat, put on muscle, and my weight actually went up! So according to the BMI chart, I was overweight or close to it. How does that make sense? It doesn’t. So don’t even pay attention to it.

I’ve shown this comparison on another blog post, put in going to show you again.

Here I am, around the same weight. Yet my body fat percentage was significantly LOWER. How I un-motivating would it have been if I didn’t track my body fat percentage? I most likely would not have ever achieved the second picture because I would have felt so defeated that I wasn’t losing weight and I would have given up.


This is another example of how you can GAIN weight, while losing fat! See how my muscle mass went up, but my body fat percentage went down! If you stood on the scale and saw the weight gain, you would assume that it’s fat. And that is NOT always the case!

Lifting weights also does wonders for your body. You will shape your body the way you want, not just lose fat. Click to read more about how to lose weight while lifting it.

If this does not inspire you to track your body fat percentage instead of your weight then what will?


Don’t let the single number on the scale dictate on how you’re going to feel. You don’t have to when you have the right tools. The RENPHO scale can help you with that.

Remember, when you’re losing weight, focus on how you feel, how your clothes fit, and your body fat percentage. Now is the time to finally end your battle with the scale.


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