How to Finally Lose Weight This Year

I always said “I’ll finally lose weight this year.”

For years it was always, this is it. This year will be my year, I can feel it.

Except it never was. I could never stick to a diet long enough to achieve the results I wanted.

Year after year, it was always the same. Year after year, I’d just know that this time was going to be different. And year after year, I would give up. Until 2016 rolled around, and I finally got my ish together and got fit.

Why did it take 8 years for me to finally achieve my goal? What was the one thing I did to flip a switch and finally make every weight loss book, article, blog post, YouTube video, actually make sense?

That one single thing I needed to do was create new habits.

That’s it.

It is very simple, but it can be difficult. But as long as you have the right mindset, you will get it right.

Focusing on creating new, healthy habits is what you should do if you want to lose weight. The days of binging on cookies have got to go.


How to finally lose weight this year.


How do you create new habits?

First, you have to align your habits to your goals.

Think about your end goal, and what you would need to do to reach that goal.

What habits do you need to start doing to make that goal attainable? Is it meal prepping every week? Is it getting in at least 20 minutes of exercise 4-5 times a week? Is it eliminating junk food?

For me, it was go to the gym consistently.

I wanted to get fit, so I had to make going to the gym a habit. I would either go before work, or as soon as I got off work, depending on my schedule.

I didn’t necessarily enjoy getting up extra early to go to the gym, but I had my goal in sight. And in order to reach that goal I had to create a fitness routine that eventually became a habit.

If you always have your goal in sight, whatever steps you need to take to establish a habit will be just a little bit easier.

You should create new habits that work for you. Don’t start a routine you think you won’t be able to stick with or one that you absolutely hate.

Healthy living is NOT torture. You can make it enjoyable and love the whole process of losing weight.


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How do habits form?

Habits are formed when a behavior is repeated and after some time, it becomes automatic.

Think about brushing your teeth. You do it every day, usually around the same time. You don’t think “Should I brush my teeth today?” (Obviously you shouldn’t question that!)
You just do it because it’s something you’ve always done your whole life.

It’s a habit.

It takes 21 days to form a habit. That’s 3 weeks.

You can commit to your new routine for just 3 weeks.

After those 3 weeks are up, you’ll be used to getting up early and working out, or prepping your meals on Sunday’s.

Just give it 21 days.


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Create mini goals.

If your goal is a big one, sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged because your goal seems so far away.

Let’s say your goal is to lose 40 pounds and you gave yourself 6 months to reach that goal. If you think about the big picture, and evveerryyything you need to do before you get to that point, it can be overwhelming.

When you create mini goals, like lose 7 pounds in a month, that makes it seem easier and a lot more achievable.

Once you hit a mini goal, you will think “Wow, I really can do this!” Losing 7 pounds in one month is nothing too drastic, so it is much more attainable than thinking “omg I’ve got to lose 40lbs.”

When you create new habits that go hand in hand with your goals, you are setting yourself up for success.

Always always always break your goal down.

So you’ve got to lose 40 pounds in 6 months.

That breaks down to a little over 6.5 pounds every month. And a little over 1.5 pounds every week.

That is very doable and can easily be achieved. You CAN lose weight.

Keep a calendar, journal, your phone, etc. to keep track of your mini goals.

Another great idea to keep you going is to have a reward system! Go get your nails done when you lose a certain amount. Make a system that works for you and will keep you motivated. But you know, dropping pounds is a reward in itself!


You can finally achieve that weight loss goal that has been following you around for the longest time. Make this year yours, lose weight in 2020.

What is the first step you’ll take to reach that goal?


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