How to Make Healthy Eating Delicious

So you’re trying this healthy thing, and things are all fine and dandy for a hot minute, but the burnout of eating healthy creeps upon you.

Do you ever get bored with your healthy meals?

I know how you feel. Trust me, there have been times when I would rather chew through the wall than eat what’s on my plate.

Why does this happen?

We are basically trained to love highly sweet and salty foods, thanks to the processed food industry.
Foods are bathed in sugar, fat, and salt to make them taste better. Processed foods are specifically designed to be so delicious, that we want more and more. They have even been shown to be addictive by lighting up the pleasure center in our brains in a similar way that drugs do.

Now, I’m not about that life.

I want to love healthy food. Even though sometimes it sucks to eat it.

And if you know me, I’m all for a doughnut or pizza in moderation. But constantly eating this crap has to change. If cravings are something you struggle with, read this post on how to end your cravings.

If you want to live a healthy life, that does mean that you eat healthy foods most of the time. Not just when you feel like it.

In order to make that adjustment easier, here are some tips to make healthy eating suck less.



Season your food.

Herbs and spices are your friend! I use seasonings on literally everything, we go through them pretty fast.

Some of my favorite combos are:
Red pepper flakes and himalayan pink salt in scrambled eggs.
Cajun seasoning on chicken.
Lemon pepper on broccoli or green beans.
Cinnamon on fruit.

There are so many creative ways to season your food, and make it super delicious. You can even create your own new spices by mixing some together. Get creative!

Or you can purchase premade spice mixes, such as Flavor God.

I love these because the containers are much bigger than your average spice container. So they last awhile.
And, they taste amazing on anything!


Buy in season produce.

In season fruits and veggies taste a million times better than out of season.

Ever notice a difference in taste in strawberries bought in November, versus strawberries bought in April?

Yeah yeah, you’re catching on, I like that.

And try to buy local if you can. Search for farmers markets in your area. Local fruits and vegetables will be much tastier than the ones flown in from all over the world.


Roast your veggies.

Ok, I will not eat just plain steamed vegetables. And the people that do AND ENJOY IT are effing nuts.

My absolute favorite way to eat vegetables (by themselves), is roasted.

I’m lazy so I like to use frozen vegetables most of the time. I’ll dump a bag of frozen broccoli on a sheet pan, drizzle it with olive oil, add salt and pepper and stick it in the oven! I’ll take it out when it starts to get brown and crispy looking.
Roasted green beans are really tasty too!

Give it a try, and let me know what you think!


Use chicken or vegetable stock to cook grains.

Plain rice? No thanks.

Use chicken or veggie stock instead of water to cook grains in. This will add much more flavor. Throw in some seasonings as well, and there you’ve got a pot of flavorful rice, quinoa, couscous, whatevaaaa you chose to eat.


Add fruit to yogurt.

Even yogurts that are already flavored!

I like lemon flavored yogurt, but when you toss in some berries it makes it way better tasting.
Add almonds or other nuts for a different texture. Even add in a few chocolate chips!

Make eating something like yogurt feel like a treat, and make you miss those unhealthy brownies a little bit less.


Choose stronger tasting ingredients.

Ingredients with a strong flavor can help give your dish a push out of bland and boring.

For example, instead of mild cheeses, I like to use sharp. The flavor is much stronger, so I can use a little bit less.

Learn to cook with wine.
Sautee onions for a dish needing a boost in taste.
Use soy sauce as a marinade.

Again, experiment with new flavors!


Add different ingredients.

Try adding stuff that you wouldn’t normally add to dishes.

Throw in some sun dried tomatoes in your rice.
Add diced jalapeno to your stew.
Slice up fruit for your cinnamon oatmeal.

When you create your meal plan, think about the ways you could enhance the taste.
Ask yourself, “What can I add to this to give it some extra flavor?”

Try out new things, even if you’re not so sure about it.

This is how you keep eating healthy exciting! You can make it to where you won’t get bored, because you are consistently trying new things.



Use protein powder.

Protein powder is so versatile, and many people aren’t aware of it.
You don’t have to just mix your protein powder with milk or water and that’s it.

My favorite thing to do is add it to oatmeal, or make protein pancakes.

Make your baked goods a little less unhealthy by incorporating a boost of protein.
Add it to yogurt.
Try an unflavored version and add it to savory dishes.


Try a new condiment.

Using the same ol’ dipping sauces can get boring.

Sometimes I like to create my own. I’ll mix hot sauce and BBQ sauce, or hot sauce and ketchup.
Okay, maybe I’m kinda weird but you get my point.

Getting new sauces and condiments can get kinda tricky because a lot of them have quite a bit of fat or sugar. Just read over the nutrition label before you purchase it, and make the best choice.

Some good options are:
Sugar free BBQ sauce
Buffalo wing sauce
Different flavors of salsa, like corn and black bean.
Walden Farms dressings

Keep it up!

Remember how I said that we’re trained to love unhealthy processed foods? Now it’s on you to retrain your taste buds to enjoy healthy foods. Your taste buds will not change overnight.

You have to be patient, keep it up, and keep trying new things.

You will find yourself loving healthy foods and all of the different ways you can prepare them to make them delicious.

Just eat the dang broccoli until you love it.



See what I’m talking about?
The image of “healthy eating” paints a picture in the average person’s head, depicting never ending salads and plain chicken.

It doesn’t have to be like that. I surely don’t eat like that. And I consider myself a healthy eater.
Tbh, I eat a salad maybe once a month.

There are endless options to make healthy foods taste way better than you think. You just have to give it a chance and a little bit of effort.

What ways do you like to flavor your healthy foods?


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